15 Excellent Bedroom Decor Ideas With Romantic Country House Style

Bedroom decor ideas with romantic country house style

We offer 15 bedroom ideas for romantic country house style decor. This interiors designs are cozy and inviting, but surprisingly well suited to an apartment in the city. What are the typical characteristics of a bedroom in a country house style – this and much more we are guessing you below?

Bedroom furniture light wood

If you are looking for bedroom ideas in a country house style, it is a good idea to look at a flea market or antique shop for matching bed and closet. The bed, chest of drawers and the closet should all be made of wood and are painted in the same color. A large mirror and vanity are a beautiful addition to the facility. Very often, the wooden furniture is decorated with ornaments. A beautiful wood carving and wrought iron details are characteristic of the country house style. The wall color should be dark red or light beige/green. Choose curtains in contrasting color with flower patterns and vote with the duvet. A carpet with traditional motifs and the neutral color scheme will complement the overall look.

Bedroom ideas green wall color

Decorate the bedroom with traditional chandeliers and lamps. A vase of fresh flowers is the only decoration that needs this design. Patterns such as stripes, flowers, or traditional designs with birds and nature motifs combined with the furniture. You can hang reproductions of oil paintings from the 19th century on the wall, opposite the door. A four poster bed is in recent years, especially in the trend. You can opt for a natural stone wall, which is reminiscent of a mountain hut. A fireplace in the bedroom becomes a real highlight in the design. Be inspired by these bedroom ideas – we wish you lots of fun decorating!

country style master bedroom designs

Bedroom interior yellow accents

Country style decorating ideas bedroom

Country-style rug oriental pattern

elegant design modern bedroom

romantic bedroom cottage style stone wall

romantic bedroom Eirnichtung floral pattern

royal bedroom design

rustic bedroom furniture bed bedside table headboard

white blue bedroom stripe pattern

Wood furniture chest of drawers Bedroom Design Idea

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