Some Useful Bedroom design suggestions and styles

Bedroom design suggestions and styles

The night has become in many modern dwellings, a very important area. Thus, in many of the new housing projects, we find bedrooms with large surfaces, with dressing areas and access to bathrooms. Sucha year arrangement is limited only by the owners’ ideas and budgets: besides the basic tracks-large double bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, dresser you can opt for the recliner or bench for the seating area, wood cabinets, a toilet table, or even a small office.

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Can not say the same about dwellings built 20 years ago, or better yet, where are all the rooms small and that was, for those and policy and who have taken apartments, is a challenge in arranging your bedroom, but one cannot be accepted.

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For the year bedrooms with small surfaces is an important limitation to the essential furniture pieces, and creating an airier interior and simplistic. Thus, for a bedroom area with the very generous year, we can not opt? For a bed with a width of 140/160 cm, two nightstands, a dresser with drawers and the minimum / or a wardrobe. Practice and effectiveness of division wardrobe is also an important range of can accommodate both clothes and miscellaneous accessories for bed.

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In the small bedroom decorating walls with various finishing, materials are not recommended, because it will get a room over-loaded. Light colors, large windows and not covered by curtains, mirrors and other simple tricks of a few of can significantly change your feeling in the smallest space. See here and here two solutions to some smaller bedrooms.

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Regardless of the style of design and the surface available, choose the representative pieces of furniture for you, relaxing color range, works of art that will delight, so enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom we can. The images below are provided inside the store. We hope to inspire you. Modern minimalist bedroom: clear lines and colors, monochromatic furniture, simple decorations, light clouds, discreet storage areas.

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