Bedroom decorating tips for a room that is not unlike any other

Bedroom decorating tips for a room that is not unlike any other

Have you happen to visit the homes of friends, colleagues or neighbors and continue to see the same bedroom furniture bedroom decoration itself, even the same … fixtures? Do not be surprised about the common options that make you and your acquaintances. The economic crisis coupled with the extended advertising influence lead us all to the same solutions and the same options.

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If the bedroom decoration for you want to is a special experience to give your room a unique style, unfettered by the usual, read the proposals that we have put together below. Ready?

The top down. Yes, yes you read well. You should bring the top down and the bottom onto the bedroom decoration to end up with a very unique style. What do we mean? Uniqueness means to go against the stream. To escape from the common boundaries of decoration and to think with an open mind. So, in this case, we think that bedroom furniture we normally are located high up in the room, the takedown and vice versa. For example, typically the framed paintings, pictures, and mirrors are all tall hung on the walls. Xekarfwste and download down, flat on the floor and stand on the wall.

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The inside out. As the proposal on top-down but in the new version. For example, if you have a TV in the room, save! Rather than have to look over at the bedside, place it inside a closet. Open it when you want to watch TV, while when you close it, you close and the closet, giving a more minimal feeling of space, more relaxed. Vice versa, i.e. inside out, can be implemented for example with the clothes of the wardrobe. We are used to the clothes to be hidden in the closet. Dare the bedroom decor and different in pull the clothes out. Hang on a special metallic kremastiera, like the ones you see in the changing rooms at clothing stores.

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Build the wall. There are no limits in decorating the bedroom when she wants to be unique and not like no other. So you can save all the bedroom furniture, to harness and the walls of the room. Give each wall and a characteristic and decorate them accordingly. For example, a wall may be the family, the other wall of the romantic, the third wall the retro. For even more bold ideas, paint each wall a different color and give them … character. For example, to build a wall of words (wall stickers with words or graffiti), a wall of the image (for photos, frames, and tables) or a wall to captures all your dreams and goals for the future (maps from countries you want to visit, quotations that you like).

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