63 Amazing Loft Kitchen Design And Decor Ideas For The Whole Kitchen

No doubt the loft kitchen design style is the most popular interior design. It became so due to its availability and its seeming simplicity, but still, it appeared to be not only practical but really chic.

Loft design styles

Kitchen design and decor is always a combination of practicality and beauty. After all, the kitchen is the place where we spend quite a lot of time. Undoubtedly, the beauty of modern interior design, of course, lies in the details. To enjoy all the details, we present you 63 fantastic loft kitchen design and decor ideas for the whole kitchen.

Industrial style

Industrial style is definitely a combination of practicality and accessibility. A few decades ago, no one could even imagine industrialization would break into our kitchens in this way. Here are some examples of how seemingly incompatible things can be combined.

Simple one example of industrial style loft kitchen ideas for loft design

Some excellent industrial kitchen backsplash ideas

Realization of small industrial kitchen ideas with rustic elements

Great vintage industrial kitchen with wall art and small island with chairs

Modern style

Modern style – has always been distinguished by modern trends in the improvement of the home. You will not find a classic white kitchen here, though it’s an undisputed classic, but feels a little bit dull in 2019. Pay attention to the colors used – halftones and rich colors are again in the trend.

Beautiful modern loft kitchen with lights, gray-and-white furniture and big island

Amazing modern loft kitchen design for big space and bedroom over the kitchen

Great design of modern and small loft kitchen with bricks wall and galley style layout

Modern style loft kitchen with library, big work space and open shelves

Urban style

Urban style speaks for itself – maximum convenience. It’s easy to achieve, always looks great and is functional, that is especially effective in a kitchen. It’s also a versatile concept that can be tailored to suit individual personal tastes.

Great and simple urban loft kitchen with ceiling lighting, island and dining area

Ideal urban style loft kitchen with wall decor and connected living and dining areas

Urban loft kitchen design with wooden furniture and builtin freezer.

Very simple urban loft kitchen decor for open space layout

Rustic style

Rustic style is first of all the comfort and warmth of the tree. Visit the flea market or conjure over some old things, which, it would seem, have already been in no need, old stools, shelves, and cabinets. Any of this would be a wonderful recipe for decor in such a kitchen.

Great rustic loft kitchen with wooden wall decor, big open shelf and marble worktop

Great rustic loft kitchen with small island and open space

Beautiful rustic loft kitchen with farmhouse elements

Great rustic loft kitchen with bold walls and open shelving

Ideas for loft kitchen design and decor

Raw bricks, cement floors – those are the things which stand for modern loft design. Anyway while planning your kitchen practicality takes the first place.

Loft kitchen decor

Of course, decor adds individuality, but it should not be synonymous with the word uselessness. If it also helps you in the kitchen – that is definitely the best bid!

Best sample of loft kitchen decor which combine industrial, urban and rustic elements.

Idea for industrial farmhouse kitchen decor with brick walls and metall stools at the dining area

Great industrial kitchen decor with bold and brick walls and big dining space

Art styled industrial chic kitchen decor

Mid-sized loft kitchen decor and layout with glassed pantry

Loft kitchen islands

Loft kitchen islands are not only a convenience but also the opportunity to organize your kitchen to fit your needs. Here are the options of the industrial kitchen island carts from the best designers in the world.

Simple small industrial kitchen island cart on wheels

Amazing industrial kitchen island bar with metall bar stools

Simple industrial metal kitchen island

Great industrial style kitchen island with pipes as table legs, rustic island and free standing open shelves

Cool vintage industrial kitchen island idea

Industrial farmhouse kitchen island and mid-century american style decor

Shelving & storage

One of the fundamental moments in the kitchen is the availability of the different stuff you may need. Seek and cook should sound like use and cook, so to say. Satisfied households as a result of the proper and convenient organization of the kitchen. Moreover, if it is in the loft style, it will be simply perfect.

Great loft open shelving for kitchen with dining area

Modern industrial style kitchen shelving with multifunctional island

Example of industrial pipe shelving kitchen with vintage table

Impressive industrial style kitchen storage made with pipes and rustic shelves

Metal loft kitchen storage as an element of functional decor

Loft kitchen lighting

Lighting plays an important role regardless of style. Of course, style implies a certain appearance, but the primary task, of course, is convenience and comfort. And here come some decisions you may find useful.

industrial style kitchen lighting ideas with natural and artifical light

industrial track lighting for kitchen

vintage urban kitchen lighting

rustic farmhouse kitchen lighting with ceiling lights and islandGreat industrial kitchen chandelier

Loft kitchen cabinets

Don’t be afraid to experiment when designing your kitchen cabinets. You may try to warm up your kitchen by adding some lights; play with colors. Try to match cabinets paint color to an island cart; moreover, an industrial kitchen island with cabinets and shelving would be a nice option. Also, you may consider sliding doors, and it is a good decision for small kitchens.

industrial style loft kitchen cabinets

modern loft kitchen cabinets

urban kitchen cabinets

industrial metal kitchen cabinets

loft style kitchen cabinets


As we have already mentioned, the devil hides in the details. And the design of the kitchen would be incomplete if the designers avoided the pantry. Pay attention to such solutions – they are simple and elegant at the same time.

industrial style kitchen pantry

loft kitchen pantry

urban kitchen pantry

industrial design kitchen pantry

Small loft kitchen ideas

Small – doesn’t mean weak. Large kitchens are great, but this is completely untrue because efficiency, economy, and ergonomics are the defining features of the industrial style, which makes it ideal for a small kitchen.

Suspended shelving that makes it easy to hang out all the kitchen utensils and accessories, to hide unnecessary, and worktops, forming a large working space come together to make useful the space of a small kitchen, which truly reflects the essence of a loft style.

small industrial kitchen design

small urban kitchen design

small urban kitchen ideas

small loft kitchen design


The flooring options that give the industrial kitchen a chic vintage look are endless. From wooden floors with a Christmas tree pattern to dark, painted.

It is enough to arrange the tiled apron in a beautiful place and install several open shelves to make a kitchen in a fascinating design.

industrial style kitchen flooring

loft kitchen flooring

loft kitchen flooring

urban kitchen flooring


Brick walls are obviously the undisputed favorites among homeowners and lead the market, but do not forget about steel surfaces and suitable flooring, which are of particular importance and take the kitchen to a whole new level.

industrial kitchen wall art decor

industrial kitchen wall covering

loft kitchen wall decor - brick wall tiles

urban kitchen wall decor

Loft kitchen ceiling

That would be a nice, good looking decision not to hide piping and ventilation tubes, but simply set against a white ceiling and create an intriguing contrast.

loft kitchen arched ceiling

urban loft kitchen ceiling

industrial style kitchen ceiling

rustic style loft kitchen ceiling


Well, as you may see, elegance, simplicity, and functionality are the fundamentals of the loft style and decor. And also, this is a great opportunity to give a second life to seemingly forgotten and old things. All this makes the loft style accessible to everyone.

Stay Loft!

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